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Lake Apartment

Lake Apartment

  • Architecture
Location: Morcote, Swiss
Date: 2017
Status: Ongoing
Lake Apartment

The apartment is situated in front of Lugano’s Lake, in the town of Morcote, one of the most characteristic villages in Switzerland. The concept idea for ​​the project was based on tree fundamental themes, the village, the lake and the history of the antique building where the dwelling is located.
The apartment enjoys a beautiful view of the lake, it develops on one level and has a living area, dining room, bedroom and all annexed services.

The project enhance the surrounding landscape and the analysis of its actions that takes place there; the lake in which a circle of mountains covered by woods is reflected is able to evoke images of great freedom, these features have been highlighted by natural pictures in artificial chalk frames. The living and dining area have no physic boundary, only a white frame rebadged by the light defines the scope and divides the spaces. The vertical surfaces are left white and neutral, others are treated with neutral colors to give greater emphasis to natural-artificial paintings. The solid hardwood floor joins the whole house together. Its desaturated and natural texture echoes on vertical surfaces creating chromatic contrasts. The entrance is presented by a mirrored totem in which decorative elements are inserted and performs the function of the coat rack for the guests as the vestibule of the house.

Client: Undisclosed

Consultant: INEA

Project management and Procurement: INEA