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Gioielleria Althobaity

Althobaity Jewelery

  • Architecture
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Date: 2016
Status: Completed
Gioielleria  Althobaity
Gioielleria  Althobaity

The Althobaity Jewelery project arised from the client’s will of creating a boutique, designed as a large open space to display jewels.

The perimeter wall of the shop have been designed with a vertical bands pattern, where bands of smoked glass mirrors alternate with glass panels, which inside hold a gold leaf.

This bands pattern decoration can also be seen on the floorIng, made of precious marbles such as Calacatta, Breccia Damascata and Dark Imperador.

The VIP room, hidden from the customers but easily accessible from the main display area, is a cosy and reserved area, some sort of privè which can be used to welcome the most prestigious clients and for the especially important negotiations.

In the jewellery there is also an area where Chopard, the famous Swiss luxury watch brand, can display his products. The partition between the two parts of the boutique is distinguished by the presence of some panels; those turning around a fulcrum, acts as a filter between the two sides of the area, without dividing them completely.

The two diplay cases, fully made of brass and glass, represent the strongest feature in this shop. Also, the attention to detail and the choice of using the most refined materials shows the will of the designers of creating an elegant, luxurious and exclusive environment.

Client: Thamer Althobaity

Consultant: INEA

Contractor: Cimadon

Project management and Procurement: INEA