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INEA wins the Digital & BIM Award 2017

20 October 2017

INEA wins the award at the Digital & BIM Italia Award 2017 in the "Infrastructures" category for the advanced application of international standards in executive modeling, construction and Facility Management.




DIGITAL & BIM Italia, is the national event of digitization of the construction sector that was held on the 19th and 20th of October at Bologna Fairgrounds and promoted by BolognaFiere.
INEA participated presenting the work of Metro Northwest Rail LinkSydney, where the team worked on BIM modeling through Bim authoring software to support the customer throughout the work cycle from design to characterization towards future maintenance. One of the objectives of the project was to ensure a perfect match with the infrastructure as built. Another important objective was to ensure infrastructure management throughout the life cycle.
This important goal has been achieved through the implementation of Cobie Files. CoBie is an acronym for "Construction Operations Building Information Exchange". Its purpose is to exchange information (including list of equipment, product data, warranties, price lists, and preventive maintenance books) that are collected during the design phase and the rebuilding phase. Each element modeled within the project has been provided with all the information necessary to make it traceable and catalogable even outside the BIM Authoring with which it was modeled, by extracting lists in different formats (xlxs, pdf, docx, etc. ) by suppliers, maintainers.